ISO 9001 requires you to include the maintenance activities you must do on your physical assets to sustain their performance as part of ISO 9001 certification.

A successful information system for the maintenance department is one which is built around the fundamental structure of a modern quality system, the basis of which is the Act, Plan, Do and Check circle. A focus on cost control alone may not produce the required outcomes. For example, when a Work Order is raised to repair a pump, does the ‘system’ provide for a review of the quality of that overhaul and its contribution to asset utilization? Or is it enough to just report how much it cost to overhaul in terms of time and parts?

It appears that progress has been slow in establishing maintenance workshop quality systems based on the ISO 9000 series of quality standards. While many organizations have introduced quality systems directly associated with the production of a saleable commodity – no doubt under pressure from SUPPLIERS – the maintenance departments that support the assets used in the production have generally not been included in the systems. Here are some important points of maintenance:

  1. PURPOSE: To describe the method of conducting various maintenance on the
    machinery and equipment.
    2. SCOPE: Applicable to all equipment’s / machinery used in the manufacturing
    3. RESPONSIBILITY: Dept. in charger is responsible for planning and implementing
    this procedure.
    a) 1) List of Machinery / Equipment List of machinery / equipment is prepared and maintained.
    2) Whenever new machinery / equipment added or old machinery disposed, the list is updated.
    b)1) Preventive Maintenance Based on working condition of machinery, the preventive maintenance plan is prepared.
    2) The above plan indicates checks to be carried out and frequency of check
    Dept. in charger
    3) Maintenance activities are carried out by Production inchrge with help of Operators.
    c) 1) Breakdown maintenance whenever breakdown occurs necessary actions are initiated to set right the machinery.
    2) The details of breakdown maintenance, parts replaced and other relevant information are recorded.
    d) 1) Commissioning of New Machinery / Equipment
    Before put in use, necessary trials are taken to ensure the suitability. If ok, then they are commissioned for the regular production and list is updated.
    (ANX-H of Quality Manual)
    e) 1)Maintenance of Fixtures &Jigs, Tools
    List of Fixtures &Jigs, Tools is prepared and maintained
    2)Tools are periodically maintained as per preventive maintenance check list cum record Tool Preventive maintenance check list cum record (MNT/R/02)
    3)The details of problems attendance, parts replaced, cumulative qty produced and other relevant information are recorded.
    1 Preventive maintenance Slippages (Machinery / Equipment / Tools) ZERO Once in 3 months
    2Repeated Break downs (Machinery) ZERO Once in 3 months
    3 The lead time between two Break downs (Machinery) At least 3 months Once in 6 months
    Reference :
    1. Quality manual ( Doc no. QM-01/6, Page no. 3 of 4)
    2. List of JIG &FIXTURES, Tools (PRO/D/01)
    3. Preventive maintenance plan (MNT/D/02)
    4. Preventive maintenance check list cum record (PRO/R/02)
    5. Equipment history card (PRO/R/01)
    6. Brake down inform records (PRO/R/04)