ISO 50001:2011, Energy Management System 

The ISO 50001 standard is a global benchmark that has been designed by ISO to promote energy efficiency and environmental responsibility to leading industrial establishments in the world. The program was started due to the realization that there was an increasing need for governments and private sector players in the manufacturing sector to prioritize energy conservation through effective methods that can be internationally harmonized.

Work on the ISO 50001 began in 2007; however the standard body ISO unveiled the new standard late 2010. The program has been endorsed by leading industrial nations including the United States and the United Nations Industrial Development organization (UNIDO). The ISO 50001 aims at creating a framework approach for industrial establishments and plants to manage and effectively conserve all aspects of energy usage that include procurement and utilization.

The following are some of the ISO 50001 benefits:

  • ISO 50001 will help organization and industries make complete and effective use of their existing and potential energy assets in their production.
  • Provides reasonable frameworks in measuring, documenting and reporting energy intensity or efficiency objectives as well as suggested methodology on impact assessment of energy management programs on the environment and emissions of green house gases.
  • Promotes and facilitates communication and transparency in energy resource management, upholds best innovations and behaviors in energy control regulation and management.
  • ISO 50001 will provide a logical framework in prioritizing and evaluating the consistent implementation of the energy management programs and energy efficient technological adoptions in industrial plants world wide throughout the supply chain.

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