Global Solutions & Resource Management Team has very Professional, Expert and Experienced Consultants who guide you till end of your typical Management System Documentation & Implementation. Our Team go through the following tentative steps, exact plan can be modified further to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Project Set up and Planning
  • Management Overview
  • Identify Teams, their Roles and Duties
  • Process & Procedure Identification
  • Establishing Policy and SMART Objectives
  • Establish Management System
  • Management and Staff Involvement through Awareness & Training
  • Establish Compliance and Continual Improvement System
  • Registrar Assessment
  • Certification Granted

Global Solutions & Resource Management Team visit our customers twice a week to Measure and Monitor the Documentation and Implementation plan and Keep Involvement of Staff in Management System. It helps the organization to Continual Improve its Quality Production and Services.