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Global Solutions & Resource Management is helpful for you to undertake regular Internal Audits after establishing the Management that you benefit from ongoing improvements in Efficiency, Effectiveness and Control.

Management system audits should be:

  • Planned and Scheduled at Regular Intervals
  • Completed by an Impartial and Independent Auditor

Failure to complete internal audits will create problems:

  • Internally – Not Control on Procedures and Processes
  • Externally – Unwanted Non-Conformance

GSRM offer an Internal Audit service where it manage the system on your behalf through its Capable, Experienced and Professional Auditors.  Our Professionals  ensure that internal audits are completed regularly and effective rectification of Non-Conformance are applied.  We also act as your Management Representative during external assessment processes.

GSRM complete internal audits to ensure that all elements of the system are covered prior to your external annual assessment. If necessary our professionals will raise non conformance with advising corrective and preventive actions, and ensure all actions are completed.

Gap Analysis is the comparison of ISO standard with Organization actual performance. If any organization is not working as per ISO StandardGlobal Solutions & Resource Management‘s Auditors highlight the difference of work style. Our Auditors use the SMART tools to identify the gap between existing Management System and Standardize Management SystemGap Analysis report can make any organization able to acknowledge where its stand.

Global Solutions & Resource Management‘s Auditors always assume that you have a Standardize Management System and you just want additional value in that system. For that Global solution & resource management systemprovide on a wide range of ISO consultancy, certifications and trainings.Global Solution & resource management system provide ISO consultancy, training and ISO certification in Pakistan on ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 and many others.Our Professionals give Simple and Easy to understand report to client so that they will able to have the following none standardized answers:

  • What is the requirement of ISO standard?
  • How long it take?
  • What’s involved?
  • How much will it Cost?

Global Solutions & Resource Management is enhancing the skills, capabilities and knowledge of its individual and corporate clients. Training course is specially design to mold the thinking of personnel and leads to quality performance. It is continuous and never ending in nature. GSRM Trainers are fully aware of these 4D training process:

  • Determine (Requires Comprehension skill)
  • Design and Development (Requires Conceptualization and Creativity skill)
  • Deployment (Requires Conduct skill)
  • Determine (Requires Comprehension skill)

Global Solutions & Resource Management is offering the following type training; IN House Training, Certified Training and Online Training:


Any appraisal of your own training requirements needs to balance the support you need to help you meet your work objectives, your ambitions and interests, and the development opportunities your organization can offer.


Many professionals are equipped with technology skills but have gaps in day-to-day skills that are needed to effectively work with others. This training is based on Situation Self Leadership which is taught throughout the corporate world.  


The major aim of this training course is to Train the Trainers who have the competences and the motivation to contribute to the improvement of the quality of projects.

Global Solutions & Resource Management offers Certification and Accreditation Services on all Internationally acknowledged standards like 9001, 14001, 18001, 22000, 27000, 17020, 16949, 17025, HACCP, HALAL, SA 8000 and many more. GSRM will guide and coordinate with  you through all process of Certification and Accreditation.


Enquiry & Fee Estimates:

Third Body will process your Certification or Accreditation application after reviewing that information and provide you fee estimate.

Appointment of Auditor:

After signing of contract with third body,  an auditor will be appoint for your organization. Auditor will conduct audit as per agreed date. Please note Tax and Accounts audit is exempted in all ISO Standard Certifications.

Stage I Audit – Documentation Assessment:

Stage I Audit – Documentation Assessment provides a focus for planning the main audit. Its specific to your business and works with your staff to quickly resolve any problems.  It can be on-site or off-site, depend on organization.

Stage II Audit – Implementation Assessment:

Stage II Audit – Implementation Assessment is the main audit. Its always conduct on-site. provides a focus for planning the main audit. Its specific to your business and works with your staff to quickly resolve any problems.  It can be on-site or off-site, depend on organization. It measures the effectiveness of the Management System in managing your requirements, products, processes and services. The audit is carried out alongside staff, with results and findings openly discussed and reviewed.

Recommendation Letter:

After audit, Recommendation for Certification letter is issued to Organization. Recommendation Letter is equal to certification. Certificate normally takes 15 days after recommendation letter.

Surveillance & Verification:

When your Management System complies with the relevant standard a certificate of approval is issued, which is valid for three years, subject to satisfactory on-going maintenance of your Management System. Verification is through an audit surveillance programme that is carried out through yearly surveillance visits organised to fit in with your business requirements. 


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. For this purpose ISO has authorize International Accreditation Forum (IAF) for Conformity Assessment of Accreditation Bodies and other bodies interested in the fields of Management Systems, Products, Services, Personnel and other similar Programmes. Global Solutions & Resource Management objective is to provide you Authentic Certification by IAF accreditation body. We offer you a wide range of Traceable Certifications and Accreditation like:

  • UKAS – United Kingdom Accreditation Services
  • PNAC – Pakistan National Accreditation Council
  • ACCREDIA – Italian Accreditation Body
  • PSQCA – Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority

ISO Consultancy is an expert working of professionals who provide their advice to organizations for particular ISO Standards. Global Solutions & Resource Management has variety of Professional, Experienced and Valuable Consultants who are expert in specific ISO Standards. Team of GSRM are working with aim of helping organizations in Adopting & Implementing ISO standards. GSRM is providing two (2) kind of consultancy to fulfill all need of our Customers:


E- Consultancy