Global Solutions & Resource Management is helpful for you to undertake regular Internal Audits after establishing the ISO Management System. So that you benefit from ongoing improvements in Efficiency, Effectiveness and Control.

ISO Management system audits should be:

Planned and Scheduled at Regular Intervals
Completed by an Impartial and Independent Auditor
Failure to complete internal audits will create problems:

Internally – Not Control on Procedures and Processes
externally – Unwanted Non-Conformance

Global Solution & Resource Management offer an Internal Audit service where it manage the system on your behalf through its Capable, Experienced and Professional Auditors. Our Professionals ensure that internal audits are completed regularly and effective certification of Non-Conformance are applied. We also act as your Management Representative during external assessment processes.

Global Solution & Resource Management complete internal audits to ensure that all elements of the system are covered prior to your external annual assessment. If necessary our professionals will raise non conformance with advising corrective and preventive actions, and ensure all actions are completed.